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Test carried out under exam conditions - 30mins per paper
Mock Test paper 2 - Persuasive/ Letter Writing
Mock Test paper 4 - Descriptive Writing
Mock Test paper 3 - Recount Writing 
Mock Test paper 1 - Story Writing
Child's score ranked in relation to other girls or boys sitting the exams
Many schools require children to submit a written piece as part of their 11+ exam entrance requirements. Parents often make the mistake of preparing their child only for story writing. It is important to note that other forms of writing could be examined. Our mock tests cover various types of writing formats.

Does your child know how to write in varying styles? 
Have you tested their writing skills in all formats under exam conditions
Does your child know what is required to excel in any given writing task?

BOOK NOW! DETAILED FEEDBACK will be given in each paper. Timing per paper is 30 minutes and pupils may book for as many papers as they wish, up to a maximum of 4. There will be breaks between papers and test results will be published online without reference to names.
Test writing papers returned, where postage paid
FREE  Writing Guide on each aspect, showing what your child must know
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£25 - per paper including detailed feedback
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£90 - 4 papers including detailed feedback

Papers marked by qualified teachers
The Writing Mock test can be booked for any of the advertised mock test dates in either Wallington, Purley, Orpington or North Finchley. 

We have 2 sets of Writing mock test papers. So your child may return to sit the 2nd set of papers for further practise.
Mock Test paper 5 - Report Writing

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